As part of the UK Robotics Week 2018 the UK-RAS Network is running several challenges.

For Academics & Industry Professionals:

Welcome to Surgical Robot Challenge 2018. This promises to be a compelling contest between some of the leading surgical robotics groups from around the world. With the support of Intuitive Surgical, KUKA and Applied​

Dexterity, this competition aims to showcase innovative new ideas in surgical robotics across a range of surgical robot platforms.

The video will focus on people and how robotics can improve and positively change the lives of people.  For this reason the video will not be a direct technical showcase of robotics, but rather a demonstration of the benefits to people that robotics can offer now and in the near future.

The video must showcase how UK Robotics can help overcome a challenge. The challenge outlined is Social Care and Independent Living, but more specifically how robotics can help combat the problems brought about by an aging population and the burden this will put on the NHS and possible negative quality of life if left unaddressed.

1.    - Aging population - Proactively managing people so they don’t end up in hospitals sooner than they need to.

2.    - Aging population – People living longer in disability. This is likely to put a huge strain on Salford Royal Infirmary and the NHS as a whole.

3.    - The idea of - "my health, in my home, in my city"

For Schoolchildren:

For the UK Robotics Week 2018 Health and Social Care Challenge, we invite schools to submit their designs for a robot system that addresses the challenge of how to help older people to stay healthy and live independent lives. For instance, the robot could assist with tasks of everyday life (such as eating or cleaning, or getting around), or it could enable people to maintain (or expand) their social lives, or it could help to deliver the treatments that they need.

This competition is intended to engage and inspire school children and students through the subject of robotics and space exploration. It aims to provide a compelling introduction to computer aided design, robotics, and space exploration through the design, modelling, and animation of a virtual robot at work on another planet. The competition is open to all school children and students in the UK from the ages of 4 to 18. There are two competitions: one for ages 4-12 and the other for ages 13-18.