On Wednesday, 10 June, a small team from Sheffield Robotics was invited to take part in 'How to Pitch Your Academic Idea', part of the programme at the 2015 Sheffield DocFest, the UK's biggest documentary film festival and the third largest in the world; dubbed 'Cannes for documentary people'
15 June, 2015
Three UK based Engineering teams represented the UK in the international final of the Eurobot competition which was recently held in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland (22-24 May). Two teams from The University of Southampton (10 x 2nd year students) and one team from Birmingham University entered the...
30 May, 2015
It is expected that the global robotics and autonomous system market will be worth $1.9 - $6.4 trillion by 2025.  The UK is considered to be a significant contributor to robotics research but is yet realise its position in the global market.  However, this is set to change.
15 May, 2015
Second year Engineering students scooped both first and second prizes in the hotly-contested national Eurobot robotics contest beating teams from other universities; they will go on to represent the UK in the international final in Switzerland next month.
13 May, 2015
The Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) was identified by the UK Government in 2012 as one of the Eight Great Technologies to improve international competiveness, productivity and economic growth. Last year the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Special Interest Group (RAS-SIG) published the UK’s...
23 March, 2015
Robots are part of life in Japan and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. The Japan Revitalisation Strategy announced by the government last year put robotics as its centre stage, promoting the era of new industrial revolution driven by robots. 
23 March, 2015
"Strategic funding in robotics is a hot ticket, as governments worldwide clamour to invest via initiatives to ease problem areas in development. As aids for an ageing population, the arms and legs of the Internet of Things and as the mechanical labourer who can bring manufacturing back home,...
21 January, 2015
The Next EU H2020 Robotics call is now open (deadline 14 April 2015 with a total call budget of €561,000,000). Specific Challenges include continuous and consistent support to roadmap-based research. The priorities in this specific challenge are based on input from the Public-Private partnership in...
21 January, 2015
“We live in an era of unprecedented change: to our businesses, our economies and our societies. Technological advancement has become a key driver of this change. Nations and industries that participate and lead will shape the next wave and enjoy improved international competiveness, productivity...
20 January, 2015