Increasing adoption of automation and robots is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution and help maximising the benefits to the economy. In 2015, global sales of industrial robots post a new sales record of almost 240,000 units that corresponds to global year-on-year growth that 8% mainly driven...
28 April, 2016
Earlier this month, the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics took part in a number of events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival (26th March - 10th April). This year, the two-week festival explored science, technology, engineering and design through the concept of Building Better Worlds.  
25 April, 2016
Opportunities for all ages, nationwide – including public lectures, open labs, hackathons, challenges, and state-of-the-art robotics showcase
19 April, 2016
Autonomous Driving Challenge 2016 is an international competition open to everyone. It's a fun and educational introduction to 3D design and autonomous driving. It involves drawing a racetrack, making it 3D, designing a vehicle and teaching it to drive using drag and drop coding. It doesn’t take...
15 April, 2016
The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is undertaking an inquiry into Robotics and artificial intelligence. The Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, Nicola Blackwood MP, says:
10 April, 2016
The British Consulate General Boston is organising a series of robotics-themed events in 2016 as part of the recently launched a Robot RUKUS (Robotics in the UK & US) initiative that was announced by Martin Donnelly, Permanent Secretary for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills in...
05 April, 2016
Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) announced the four winner academic-led feasibility studies, to share funding of £250,000. Last year RSSB via the Rail Research UK Association (RRUKA) launched a call for research on Robotics and Autonomous System for Rolling Stock Maintenance with the aim to...
04 April, 2016
Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and AIMS CDT. The Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG) is an innovative research team.  It researches all aspects of large-scale, land-based mobile autonomy with a particular emphasis on navigation, perception and understanding of large workspaces. Supported by specialist...
17 March, 2016
Have you ever wanted to pilot a powerful 6-legged walking high precision machine tool equipped with a razor-sharp fast-spinning cutting tool? Or navigate into the depths of an aero-engine through the eyes of a snake-like continuum robot?
15 March, 2016
The British Science Association has today released a YouGov survey of attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics. The online survey, which had over 2,000 responses, shows that people in the UK have an ambivalent attitude towards these new technologies, recognising that...
11 March, 2016