The American journal Science holds the first "Science Robotics Meeting in Japan"

The event, organised by the Science journal, is over three days 12 - 14th March 2018. It is held for the first time in Japan, the leading country for robotics technology and internatinal experts have gathered to discuss and clarify the opportunities, challenges and issues, of this century's key robotics technology, in areas where science and industry intersect. 

Chief editor Professor Guang-Zhong Yang gave the opening lecture on 'Science for Robotics and Robotics for Science'

Discussions and talks were also held on the current situation of how robots or robotic technologies are affecting our society and life at an unprecedented rate and under all circumstances will be discussed.

Targeted industries include energy and the environment, manufacturing, finance, logistics, construction, agriculture, medical and health care, biotechnology, housing, automobiles, sales and marketing, and prevention of natural disasters.

For a full programme and speaker biographies please click here.