Feasibility Studies – Second Call for Proposals

Closing date: 29 September 2017

Background (Full information can be downloaded here).

Industry and manufacturing are changing with the advent of smart digital, autonomous and intelligent technologies. Values for manufacturers are changing from production to technological know-how and design; ownership models are changing from outright ownership to collaborative and agile partnership; media are continuing their shift from physical to digital; there is an increasing focus on distribution of work and service; and the partnership between the manufacturing sector and the technology sector is increasingly key. This shift is taking place in the societal and business context of the UK in the 21st Century.

In order to harness the potential from this shift, the changes in human skills, capabilities and working environments need to be considered, alongside the development and change in business models that underpin industry and innovation. Changes to future industrial systems in the digital age demand funded research in order to ensure that the UK is well placed within an international context to respond to the challenges presented by industry and to implement new science and engineering into real world systems as quickly and effectively as possible. The Network Plus Connected Everything: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age is funded by the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future challenge theme, addressing the area of Digital Manufacturing. There is a particular focus on ensuring that challenges addressed within Connected Everything are driven by the current and future industrial context. Connected Everything is bringing together core colleagues from the Manufacturing, Digital Economy, Design, Computing, Human Factors and Business communities to build new collaborations between leading academics and industry partners.

It is:

a) Identifying relevant elements from these existing activities to conduct international benchmarking and establish the UK lead in specific elements of relevance to Future Industrial Systems in the Digital Age;

b) Enhancing cross-sectoral learning and fertilisation; and

c) Identifying new, discipline-bridging, agenda-setting opportunities for feasibility studies leading to scientific insight and future platforms and funding applications from national and international funders. Feasibility study funding call Working in partnership with the HVM Catapult, Connected Everything is looking to fund a second round of feasibility studies. Projects can be between 6 and 18 months in length and should complete before the end of June 2019. The expectation is that we will fund up to 5 projects of up to a maximum of £60,000 (80%FEC) per project.

Connected Everything has defined a set of key thematic areas, which can be used to guide the development of project proposals:

 Industrial Internet of Things

 Cyber-physical systems

 Data analytics and decision making

 The future industrial worker

 Service design and customisation

 Design for future manufacturing

 Systems analysis and control

As they are partners in this funding call, submissions that focus on key priority areas identified by the HVM Catapult will also be considered.

More information can be downloaded here.