Our international outreach program covers a wide range of areas including public engagement and international partnership programs. 

We believe that establishing a dialog with the public would not only help to improve their understanding of robotics, but it will build trust and help to integrate new RAS technologies in everyday life. The Network will host and participate in various outreach activities such as the first UK Robotics Week '16 to promote robotics and inspire the public. We encourage scientists to share their work both at open seminars, events, exhibitions organised by the Network or participate national science festivals such as the British Science Festival or the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition. Visit our Events page to find out how and where you can meet us.

The Network also promotes international collaboration between the UK and the rest of the world, especially with countries that have strong background and interest in RAS. We have already established close links with a number of science and technology units and scientific attachés at Foreign and Commonwealth Offices of Japan (read about the UK-Japan partnership here), Italy, USA and Switzerland. These offices help us to link with national research centers and companies, foster knowledge exchange and promote UK research internationally.

We aim to strengthen the partnership with industry. Such collaboration will allow companies to work with the most talented scientists and utilize university research, while scientists will be able to develop and test their ideas in real world environment. Network partners are collaborating with national and multinational companies: