Guidelines and strategies

UK - RAS 2020

UK - EPSRC - Principles of Robotics

EU - Strategic Research Agenda for Robotics in Europe

EU - Robotics 2020 Multi-Annual Roadmap

Japan - Japan’s Robot Strategy

USA - National Robotics Initiative (NRI)


British Standards Institution, AMT/-/2 Robots and robotic devices Committee - robotics related standards 

ISO/TC 184 Automation systems and integration - Robots and robotic devices

Robot ethics

As the robotic technology advances and products such as personal and assistive robots, drones, unmanned systems become more widespread, questions around various ethical, legal and social issues become apparent. Legal regulations has not kept up with the progress of technological development and there is pressing need to revisit current machine standards and existing laws. Robot ethics is an emerging field that aims to understand the ethical implications and consequences of robotic technology. 

EU - RoboLaw FP7 project - Guidelines on Regulating Robotics