Welcome to the School Robot Challenge 2018

This competition is intended to engage and inspire school children and students through the subject of robotics and space exploration. It aims to provide a compelling introduction to computer aided design, robotics, and space exploration through the design and modelling of a virtual robot at work on another planet. The competition is open to all school children and students in the UK from the ages of 4 to 18. There are two competitions: one for ages 4-12 and the other for ages 13-18.

What will I learn?

The software accompanying this challenge (links below) will provide participants with a basic introduction to 3D computer aided design and modelling, as well as providing a medium to explore links between creative art and computing. This competition will allow entrants to explore and visualise their own ideas about the future uses of robots in space, and aims to be inspiring, educational and fun.

Who is running the competition?

The competition is run by the EPSRC UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network (UK-RAS), a network of UK universities specialising in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. It is part of a family of competitions organised for the UK Robotics Week, which runs from 21 - 29 June 2018. A panel of judges, consisting of leading scientists and engineers, will select the winning designs in each age category.

What are the judges looking for?

The judging panel will select their favourite robot and planetary environment. We are looking for creative entries: this could be a robot servicing a spaceport or outpost, or a robot undertaking scientific investigation and exploration on an unusual planet, or any other application of robots in space that you can think of! The judges will choose winning designs that are innovative, interesting, fun, compelling, technically advanced and visually appealing.

How do I enter the competition?

All you need to do is follow the instructions outlined in the instruction pack! If you get stuck please email us.  

The competition is split into 2 categories by age group: 4 - 12yrs and 13 - 18yrs.

Deadline for submission of entries: 

Friday 15th June 2018, 23:00 BST

Instruction packs:

Please select the relevant instruction pack below.


Software programme:

Please select the software programme suitable to your operating system:

Supporting documents:

Please click here to download a selection of design templates.

Enjoy the competition!

Event date: 
Sunday, May 27, 2018 -
09:30 to 17:30