showcase research and educational activities in the area of robots and automation.

Robots and automation are increasing becoming an essential part of our life and economy. Application areas include medical surgery, traffic management, agriculture, environmental monitoring, marine exploration, aerospace, and manufacturing.  The robotics and automation open day at Queen’s University Belfast aims to showcase our research and educational activities in this exciting and rapidly growing field.  

On the day, you will find out the vision for robots in factories of the future,  how they interact with humans and the environment, how to program robots, and how to build one from scratch. You will also have the chance to have a go on a Segway and try our robot assisted Virtual Reality systems. Throughout the day there will be a series of mini-lectures covering topics from robotics and virtual reality research at Queen’s University Belfast, to intelligent manufacturing, internet of things and industry 4.0. 

 Researcher with robot



•Manufacturing robots

•ST robotics R12

•Universal robot UR10

•Parallel kinematic machines

•Human like robots

•Baxter robots

•NAO robot

•Submarine robot


•Open RoV

•Rubik’s cube solver

•Virtual reality (VR)

•Augmented reality (Smart glasses)

•3D factory simulation

•3D scanning

•Building your own drone

•Building your own 3D printer

•Programming a robot

•Segway/hover board

•Mini lectures

•Light refreshments


Northern Ireland Technology Centre - NITC

(PKM, UR10 robot, Factory simulation, 3D scanning, etc.)

This event is part of the UK robotics week 2018 organised by UK-RAS

For more infromation and to book please contact Prof. John McLoughlin

Event date: 
Saturday, June 23, 2018 -
10:00 to 14:00