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Programme to showcase art installation A project that turned Preston into the centre of our solar system will feature in the BBC programme Stargazing Live after it caught the attention of the show’s producers.
19 January, 2017
Additive manufacturing of hydrogel-based materials for next-generation implantable medical devices Sau Yin Chin, Yukkee Cheung Poh, Anne-Céline Kohler, Jocelyn T. Compton, Lauren L. Hsu, Kathryn M. Lau, Sohyun Kim, Benjamin W. Lee, Francis Y. Lee, and Samuel K. Sia
18 January, 2017
One of our academic supervisors, Prof Jon Huntley is Loughborough University lead for one of the three £10 million research hubs awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council designed to strengthen the UK’s manufacturing base.
13 January, 2017
Lutz Pathfinder driverless cars tested in Milton Keynes The UK's government is keen to make the country the best place to develop autonomous car technology. One of the places driverless vehicles are already being tested is in Milton Keynes. The BBC reported on the public reaction.
13 January, 2017
Interactive 3D models of human joints, showing how common medical complaints have arisen and how we are likely to evolve in the future, have been created at Oxford University. The researchers created 3D computer models of human joints by compiling 128 slice CT scans of bones from humans, early...
13 January, 2017
Dr Matthew Howard, of King’s College London, is leading the charge of the new generation of robots, which he says have the potential to revolutionise task-doing, initially in industry and then in the home.
11 January, 2017