Coming Soon The Hamlyn Centre Summer School High Performance Computing for Medical Imaging, Sensing and Robotics  London, 17-19 July 2014 What is it? A 3-day course in London that teaches you the basics of High Performance Computing (HPC) applied to medical imaging, sensing and robotics. Who’s it for? The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use high performance computing to solve research problems.  Programming experience is preferable but not essential. Why attend? You may not realise it - but your research is probably being held back by using conventional single-core programming.  This course will transform your ability to process data by introducing you to high performance computing and multi-core programming. Day 1  Imaging Day 2  Sensing Day 3  Robotics Course Outline Each of the 3 days of the course has a theme.  Day 1 introduces you to the basics of high performance computing and discusses its application within medical imaging.  Day 2 gives you hands-on experience of multi-core programming applied to medical sensing.  Day 3 discusses realtime data processing techniques that can be utilised in medical robotics. Medical imaging provides an invaluable tool for disease diagnosis.  Tens of thousands of MRI and CT scans are performed around the world every day.  Each dataset can be gigabytes in size.  Processing this data efficiently is a limiting factor that can be addressed with high performance computing. Medical sensing is a growing field that is becoming popular with the availability of wearable health sensors and health tracking apps.  The large volumes of data that are acquired can be efficiently processed using high performance computing techniques. Surgical robotics is a exciting research area that aims to deliver better surgical tools for improved patient outcomes.  Robotic surgery can be combined with pre-operative and intra- operative imaging to enhance navigation and control.  Processing these large datasets in realtime can be a challenge that can be addressed with high performance computing. Course Venue The 3-day summer school will be hosted by the Hamlyn Centre at Imperial College London.   The Hamlyn Centre is a leading research centre that specialises in medical imaging, sensing and robotics.   The centre is based in South Kensington in London - an area famous for its museums, the Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. Apply Now Space is limited on the course, so please apply now to avoid disappointment.  If you have any questions about the course, do not hesitate to contact us. Course Price £395 Course Organisers The summer school is being run as a collaboration between Imperial College and Intel.   During the 3-day course, leading researchers in imaging, sensing, robotics and high performance computing will be giving lectures, running workshops and providing hands-on assistance. Accommodation The course includes lunches and a banquet.  Accommodation is not provided however.  We have reserved places at a hotel near to the summer school venue, so please let us know when you apply if you would like to make use of this. High Performance Computing Medical imaging, sensing and robotics are complementary technologies that are transforming healthcare.  Their rapid adoption is creating an explosion in the amount of medical data that must be acquired, processed and stored. High performance computing provides a potential solution to analysing the quantities of data involved.  This has lead to an increasing demand throughout medical academia and industry for improved awareness, understanding and adoption of high performance computing techniques.  This summer school will provide a solid introduction to high performance computing and its applications in medical imaging, sensing and robotics.  The school will be tailored to Master’s/PhD level students and industrial researchers who have knowledge of computer programming and who want to learn high performance computing techniques and their application to healthcare provision.  The school will include lectures by leading researchers in imaging, sensing, robotics and high performance computing and will include hands-on workshops where participants will be able to practise the HPC techniques to solve real-world healthcare problems. Dr Robert Merrifield Dr Benny Lo Dr Christos Bergeles Deputy Director Lecturer Research Fellow Dr Chiara Garattini Gaurav Kaul Jonny Hancox Health Research The Hamlyn Centre Imperial College London The Hamlyn Symposium 2014 © Copyright The Hamlyn Centre 2014 HPC Specialist HPC Specialist Excluding VAT Coming Soon