Date: Wednesday, 27th June; Afternoon  (1/2 day)

Workshop Aims

The workshop will be a series of personal narratives by researchers and entrepreneurs who have taken their work from the lab bench to at least human trials if not commercialization. The goal is to fill the gap left by the many commercialization boot camps that are typically staffed by those who have not gone through the process themselves. Instead, the attendee will hear the actual stories of those who have found a path to human testing for their surgical, rehabilitation and prosthetic robots or other medical devices.

Confirmed Speakers (in alphabetical order)

  • Adoption of High-Tech Solutions in Low-Tech Environments
    Brian Miller, Intuitive Surgical, CA, USA
  • It’s not about the robots any more….
    David Mintz, Auris Robotics, CA, USA
  • William Peine, Medtronic MTG, MA, USA
  • Why should you choose an easier way to success rather than bringing a robot to the operating room?
    Moshe Shoham,  Israel Institue of Technology and Founder, Mazor Robotics, Jezreel Valley Area, Israel
  • How could I be so wrong… so many times!!
    Yulun Wang, Founder, InTouch Health and Computer Motion, CA, USA
  • Robotic Cochlea Implantation - From Real to Ideal
    Stefan Weber, University of Bern, CAScination, CH

Topics to be covered

In telling their stories, the speakers will address the following questions:

  • Who and what does it take to pull it off?
  • What resources are needed from one’s institution?
  • What sacrifices are needed? Neglecting the rest of one’s research program?
  • What are the appropriate potential roles for the researcher?
  • How much luck is involved?
  • Did it come down to connections?
  • Are there successful models or patterns to emulate?

Workshop Co-chairs

  • Pierre Dupont, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
  • Russell Taylor, Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA


    Sponsored by:

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    Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership in Robotic Surgery and NIHR Surgical Medtec Co-operative