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Robotic systems have historically been designed using rigid materials which enables them to execute tasks with precision and predictability. This approach has been extensively utilized in manufacturing and has now been adopted into the medical field. By their inherent nature, medical robots are...
30 May, 2018
We welcome paper submissions! Please submit your abstract to be considered for the workshop by 1st June 2018 to:
10 May, 2018
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With increasing maturity and clinical uptake of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), the provision of in situ, in vivo morphological and functional imaging with a sensing capabilities beyond the exposed tissue surface has become an important research topic. Clinically, it further expands the...
25 April, 2018
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) forges a direct, online communication between brain and machine, independent from the user’s physical abilities and represents a new way to augment human capabilities. They translate the user’s intentions into outputs or actions by means of machine learning techniques.
23 April, 2018