Big Data @ Small Scales SAF 121 14.00-17.00

The Big Data @ Small Scales Workshop seeks to bring together scientists and engineers collecting imaging data at spatial scales that are usually associated with microscopy.  The wealth of image contrast mechanisms and the sheer quantity of data that can be produced (for example, three-dimensional, 3D+t, and often overwhelmingly multichannel) means that we face analytical challenges.   These sources of data include micro-CT, two-photon microscopy, and a host of confocal techniques. The challenges form a class of problems that are unique: they are rightly big-data in nature, but the spatial and temporal structure of the data provide opportunities for algorithms and methods of analysis that parallel problems that have been addressed for many years in the field of medical imaging.  However, the added complexities of microscopy include the multichannel nature of the data, requirements for new forms of image registration and montaging,  the sheer size of data sets, and the variety  of contrast mechanisms. 

This workshop will be held on the afternoon of the day of the prestigious Hounsfield Lecture at Imperial College London (4th November, 2015), thereby bringing together researchers working across a large span of anatomical scales, from both in-vitro and in-vivo imaging communities. Because of the relevance to data sciences, we also invite members of the data analysis community to participate.

We will accept posters on the following topics, and posters should be submitted using the instructions found on the poster competition tab, noting that they should be considered for the Big Data @ Small Scales workshop:

  • novel imaging methods at the microscopic scale, through we favour those that already produce large amounts of data;
  • techniques for automated or semi-automated methods of image data analysis, including volumetric (3D) and 3D+temporal data;
  • both in-vivo and in vitro imaging techniques;
  • imaging cell function and multi-cell function;
  • methods for volumetric segmentation;
  • methods for annotating and curating large amounts of microscopy data.


Room 121 Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road SW7 2AZ

Chairs: Dr Anil Bharath and Dr Paul Chadderton

14:00     Introduction (Bharath & Chadderton)

14:05     Dr Emmanuel Reynaud, Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, University College Dublin 

              Light Sheet Microscopy: More Data, Faster….

14:30     Dr Lucy Collinson,  Sir Francis Crick Institute

              Handling the data deluge from automated electron microscopy and correlative imaging 

15:00     Tea and Networking 

15:30     Prof Danilo Mandic,  Dept of EEE, Imperial College London

              Complexity Science for Multimodal Data

16:00     Dr Angela Goode, Dept of Materials, Imperial College London

              The hidden properties of nanomaterials

16:30     Dr Emma Bailey, Dept of Bioengineering, Imperial College London

             3D imaging of Optically Cleared Tissue: An Aid to Seeing Mass Transport

17:00     Panel Discussion


Dr Anil Bharath                                Dr Paul Chadderton