The ActiveMiles project is coordinated by the Hamlyn Centre and managed by the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. It is an open platform designed to benefit the general public, researchers in healthcare, sports, wellbeing, as well as companies promote healthy living and lifestyles.

Who can benefit from this app?

  • You - who wants to ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle! The app is connected to social media and offers a fun app to compete with others;
  • Healthcare providers;
  • Researchers in healthcare, sports and wellbeing;
  • Companies and stores who want to reward their customers for being active;
  • People who want to increase their daily activity to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, especially if they have a family history.

We welcome companies who would like to get in contact on rewarding their customers for being active. For contact please email: d.ravi [AT]