Why active miles?

Increasing physical activity has a direct relationship with weight control, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, strengthening muscle and improving mental health. Deterioration in conditions such as heart arrhythmias, diabetes mellitus and hypertension (high blood pressure affecting more than 12 million individuals in the UK alone) is gradual and often subtle over time. For these conditions, continuous observation of activity levels as well as physiological parameters can provide more accurate diagnosis and tailored treatments for each subject, compared to the currently used snap-shot diagnosis and management. Increasing activity not only makes you feel better, it also helps prevent some of these conditions as proved by numerous medical studies.

Unlike other sensors, ActiveMiles simply uses your mobile phone. Just carry your phone around and make sure you gain more miles by being active.

ESPRIT Conference 2012

The ESPRIT consortium will demonstrate the latest technological developments for athletic training and preparation for the Games, as well as presenting the future directions of the programme for healthcare applications. In addition to talks and project demonstrations, parallel workshops will be organised to provide a forum to discuss the major challenges of pervasive sensing in sports and healthcare. The ESPRIT conference will be an excellent opportunity to see the latest pervasive sensing technologies, and meet the leading academics, researchers, sport scientists, health practitioners, coaches, funding bodies and industry leaders.

The ESPRIT programme is an EPSRC funded research programme aimed at developing and applying novel pervasive sensing technologies to improve the understanding of physiology and dynamics of athletic performance in training and competitions, and to further extend the advances in sport towards technological transformation in healthcare, wellbeing and chronic disease management.